Wild Born

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Destroy a bunch of beings inside amazing settings



Wild Born is an RPG game that challenges you to become a warrior who must face a bunch of different missions to survive. The action takes place in a land plagued with monsters and beings that are out to hinder your progress. Luckily, there are different weapons and magic powers that allow you to face super realistic creatures.

The visual section of Wild Born is definitely one of the highlights. After creating your character, you'll be ready to enter this 3D universe. All the landscapes and protagonists are outstanding, so much so, that you'll be quickly amazed by the realism and the cinematographic aspect of each battle. Plus, you can move the camera to view all the scenes from any perspective.

To control your warrior, simply use the joystick on the left side of the interface. Similarly, on the right side, the action buttons help you launch attacks and make the most of your weapons. Taking advantage of all the offensive and defensive resources is essential when it comes to defeating huge dragons and other very dangerous monsters.

Wild Born is a great role-playing game where you can enjoy advancing through realistic settings. The visuals also contribute to the enjoyment of destroying all the enemies that come your way.